Air Fresheners what they are and why they are essential

Did you know the most common complaint in public restrooms is bad smell? Especially if you are up for taking care of your clients and making sure they are comfortable with the services you are offering, this is something you seriously need to consider.

Lucky for you, this is one of those things a washroom service can take care of easily by using an air freshener.

Why tell your washroom service you want air freshening? Well, the obvious answer was already described above and it is the fact that you do not want the bathroom smelling awful. A bad-smelling bathroom means customer complaints, employee complaints, and the issue that if you already have a bad smelling bathroom is that taking it out is hard. An air freshening system will make sure you have as little complaints about the smell as possible. However, air fresheners are also super important for creating a specific atmosphere. Certain smells are associated with cleanness, with fanciness, etc.

What presentations do they come in ?

You can discuss with your washroom service what is your best option to get the ideal air freshener for your particular case. The most common air fresheners are electric air fresheners with 30% market share and you can even get ones with essential oils instead of artificial scents. There are also aerosol air fresheners, which are fairly popular. On a less popular side there are air gel fresheners, which are more popular in Asia. Candle air fresheners are also common, especially in North America and Europe. Liquid air fresheners are barely thriving but also gaining popularity.

How to ask them for a specific fragrance

A fragrance is the most important part of the refresher. When it comes to a bathroom you probably want fresh smells, like mint. The service will probably recommend you light notes in the fragrance.